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Liquid Analysers

Measuring water
Kelma provides spectrometers and other measuring principles incorporated in our analysers for process monitoring and control, for quality monitoring and for usage in research. TOC-systems for monitoring of contaminations with organic carbon compounds (TOC = Total Organic Carbon). BOD-systems for monitoring of BOD (BOD = Biological Oxygen Demand) and toxicity. UV spectroscopy for the main parameters like ammoniaCOD, nitrate, hydrocarbons,... These analysis systems can also be expanded with the measurement of chlorophyl, turbidity, pH,... All analysers are specially suited for water treatment plants to control the process or to monitor the inlet/outlet, as well as for river monitoring or for industrial effluents monitoring.

Measuring the conductivity of aviation fuel  
Using the special measuring instrument MLA900, conductivity and temperature can both be measured simultaneously in a liquid.