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Sample gas conditioning & Data Acquisition Systems

An extractive gas analyser requires some special tools for sample handling and treatment so that the gas from the stack or process can reach the analyser. For this purpose we have a broad range of probes, sample lines, filters, pumps, sample gas coolers,... so that we can offer you the best fit for your application.

An analysis system can transmit its data directly to a control system of the plant where it is installed, however this is not always the case. Some plants only require registration of the measuring data and at the same time they may require a reporting tool so that all measuring data can be calculated according to the specific regulations and so that this information can be printed and stocked locally for regulatory purposes. In some other situations, data only needs to be registered locally for a limited period of time, or on a remote location. For any of these situations, we can offer some interesting data registration and treatment units.