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Mass Spectrometer

Mass spectrometry is a powerful tool for bioreactor monitoring. Changes to the headspace composition in a fermentor or bioreactor provide crucial insight into cellular health and production efficiency.

The MAX300 Series brings the Extrel's mass spectrometry technology into the QC/QA laboratory and into process monitoring/ control applications.

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  • MAX300-BIO

    Bioreactor Gas Analyser

    The analyser uses quadrupole mass spectrometer technology to quantify bioreactor gases from multiple reactors and reports the data to the control system in real-time.
  • MAX300-AIR

    Environmental Mass Spectrometer

    The Extrel MAX300 - Air uses quadrupole mass spectrometer technology to measure contaminant levels in air from multiple points within the facility.
  • MAX300-EGA

    Evolved Gas Analyser

    High sensitivity, resolution, and flexibility make the analyser ideal for the characterization and quantitation of your off-gas.
  • MAX300-LG

    Laboratory Gas Analyser

    This analyser provides the quadrupole performance in an economical package suitable for climate controlled laboratory environments.
  • MAX300-IGX

    ATEX Industrial Gas Analyser

    This analyser performs high speed process analysis using the most advanced core mass spectrometer technology available, paired with a dedicated data system.
  • MAX300-IG

    Industrial Gas Analyser

    This on-line process mass spectrometer is designed for reliable, continuous analysis in humid, hot, and tough industrial environments, including hazardous locations.