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We offer a wide range of Heated Hydrocarbon Analysers based on the FID-principle, related sample handling and gas conditioning equipment
The Heated Hydrocarbon Analyser is designed for continuous monitoring of total hydrocarbons in the air and in corrosive and condensable gases, both in trace levels and concentrations of up to 100 percent by volume at process temperatures of up to 750 °C.
Depending on the measuring task, the measuring point and the ambient conditions the following devices can be used :

  • 19"-rack with integrated remote unit
  • Wall-mounting enclosure for mounting on a rear cabinet panel
  • Inline version for direct mounting on the process wall

Portable Hydrocarbon Analyser  
This heated total hydrocarbon analyser is especially designed for mobile use at various sites and under harsh operating conditions. Its compact and robust assembly allows continuous and discontinuous measurement of organic components also at measuring points with difficult access.
Features including ranges from 100 ppb to 100.000 ppm, internal air supply, and a patented miniature heated sensor block with a flame ionization detector controlled up to 240 °C make it possible to measure in steam saturated gases.

Measurement of non-methane hydrocarbons in air and other gasses, continuous, simultaneous measurement of total hydrocarbons, total hydrocarbons less methane and methane only