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Continuous emission monitoring system


The GasmetTM CEMS FT-IR is designed for continuous emissions monitoring measurements (CEM) and for continuous process monitoring. Typical application areas include continuous emissions monitoring in Waste Incinerators and in Cement Kilns. 

  • Concentrations of H2O, CO2, CO, SO2, NO, NO2, N2O, HCl, HF, NH3, O2 and TOC (Total Organic Carbon) are continuously measured.
  • Used for on-line continuous measurements. 
  • Ideal for measuring trace concentrations of pollutants in wet, corrosive gas streams. All parts of the CEMS FT-IR can be heated up to 180 ºC. It can be used for undiluted gases and the sample gases do not need drying beforehand.


The GasmetTM CEMS FT-IR consists of a FTIR Gas Analyser, a PC and a high temperature Sampling System. 

As an option the system can be equipped with a paramagnetic Oxygen analyser or with total hydrocarbon analyser (FID). All parts of the system are 19" rack mounted and are installed on the pull-out shelves.

It has been certified by TÜV (17th BlmSchV) and MCERTS.

It also fulfills the requirements of QAL 1 according to EN 14181 and EN ISO 14956.


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View all the technical specifications and download the product info (.pdf).