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TOC analysing system

TOCOR700 - Extractive Online Analyser for Measurement of Organic Water Pollutants (TOC)

The TOC-analyser TOCOR oxidizes the organic carbon in the water sample to CO2 which is then measured by a NDIR gas analyser. Previously, anorganic carbon is removed by a stripper. The required carrier gas is produced by the TOCOR700 itself, so it can be operated indepentendly from instrument air.

Two variants of the TOCOR700 are avalilable:

  • TOCOR700 TH, with a thermal high-temperature reactor, is especially suitable as a precise analyser device for unknown water contaminants.
  • TOCOR700 UV, with its UV reactor can be used for monitoring of limits or in case of known water contaminants.

Applications :

  • Monitoring in waste water treatment plants
  • Monitoring of surface water
  • TOC monitoring of waste water
  • Monitoring of condensate in cooling circuits
  • Contamination monitoring of process water