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Evolved Gas Analyser

The MAX300-EGAis designed for coupling with instrumentation in pharmaceutical, materials science and organic chemistry laboratories.

The MAX300-EGA features Extrel's industry-leading 19 mm quadrupole mass filter. Combining this mass filter with high temperature and rapid sampling, the MAX300-EGA brings the precision, speed and flexibility you need for your evolved gas application.

High sensitivity, resolution, and flexibility make the MAX300-EGA ideal for the characterization and quantitation of your off-gas.

Equipped with 2m heated transfer line, an extensive compound library, and the ability to import a variety of external signals, the MAX300-EGA is optimized for interfacing with thermal analysers and microreactors.

Evolved Gas Analysis Applications:

  • Thermogravimetric Mass Spectrometry (TGA-MS): Pharmaceuticals, Materials Science and Plastics 
  • Microreactors/ Continuous Flow Systems 
  • Reaction Monitoring 
  • Organic Chemistry: Natural Product Analysis and Synthesis Studies 
  • Pilot Scale Process/R&D 
  • QA/QC