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Dust measurement D-R 320, according QAL 1

Dust analyser with high sensitivity, suitable for low dust concentrations

The D-R 320 is based on the principle of backscatter ensuring high measurement sensitivity, even for lower concentrations. The D-R 320 does not require a light trap. It is equipped with an optical sensor system with double compensation for the background light. This design allows for quick and easy installation without adjustment on site.

Specifications :

  • Measuring ranges certified : 0-10 mg/m3 and 0-200 mg/m3
  • Easy to install on a standard flange (DN 100 or 4)
  • Quick service without optical adjustment on-site
  • Automatic compensation of radiation from the background without light trap
  • Control and regulation of air purge
  • Component integrated security option available
  • Functions of automatic control : QAL 3
  • Long maintenance interval
  • Remote access
  • Complies with EN 15267