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CellaSwitch PKS 21

with fibre optic cable and sensor head

The sensor head of the CellaSwitch PKS 21 detects the infrared energy radiated by an object. The light is transmitted through an optical fibre to the seperately housed electronics which covers it to an electric signal.

  • Temperature range 350 … 1350 ° C662 … 2462 ° F
  • 2 current output signals (switching outputs), individually configurable as normally open or closed contacts or to monitor temperature spans
  • Fibre optic sensor head for installation in confined spaces and in environments up to 250 °C without cooling
  • Switching thresholds precisely adjustable via display panel
  • Excellent optical resolution due to high-precision tempered lens
  • Diagnostics feature activated by control keys or a control signal
  • M30 connector for easy installation