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About Kelma

who we are

Dirk Luyten founded Kelma in 1981.

Kelma designs, manufactures, documents and installs analysers & instrumentation as well as complete systems according to specific customer requirements.

Kelma also designs and manufactures sample-conditioning systems, fit the analysers or instrumentation into the systems and take responsibility for the complete scope of delivery.

In 1981 Dirk Luyten thought the time was right to give the companies Keller - which is a well established manufacturer of optical temperature measurements - and Maihak - the reference for NDIR gas analysers - a proper representation in Belgium. The first letters of these two companies still form the name of our company up till today.

Since those early years, Kelma has continuously been expanding its product ranges and customer base to become a well respected supplier of state-of-the-art measuring equipment with many turn-key solutions installed in Belgium.

Nowadays the company is being managed by Dirk Luyten's daughter, Leen Luyten, who has already proven for many years to be determined to follow her father's footsteps to offering our customers the best suited solution for their needs with the best service one can expect.