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About Kelma

Gas analysis devices and complete analysis systems


Since 1981, Kelma has been the distributor of a wide range of gas analysis devices and complete measuring systems from more than 20 different manufacturers. Thus you can count on independent advice when making your purchase. You can also approach us for installing the device, training your employees, and for annual maintenance.



Are you looking for a gas analysis device or a ready-to-use measuring system tailor-made to your specific situation? View the entire product range here




In order to determine what you need, Kelma has developed a comprehensive questionnaire with which we can establish the device that would be the most suitable for you, or which specific measurement technique would be a good choice for you:


  • What are the components that you wish to measure?
  • In which gas is this component to be measured?
  • What is the measurement range?
  • What is the detection limit that should be achieved? 


Kelma distributes the devices of more than 20 different suppliers. This ensures that you can be certain of independent advice during your purchase. We will also guide you in making the right choice, and offer you the best devices that satisfy your needs.


Reliable all-round service


We will join you in your search for the most suitable analysis device. We will guide you during the purchase and installation, and you can also approach us for modifications or upgrades of your analysis device. 


If you so desire, our experienced installers can expertly install the device in your company.

Remote help

We can log on to your computer via TeamViewer, and can remotely identify the problem. If that is not possible, we can immediately determine what we will require in order to resolve your problem.


We provide short training courses for a large number of devices to enable you to start using them. Since we are thoroughly familiar with the devices, we can correctly set all the parameters immediately, so that you can precisely measure the correct components.

(Annual) maintenance

You are free to maintain your measurement devices yourself, but many of our customers approach us to provide maintenance services.



Contact us at 03 844 23 42 or via for advice on the most suitable device, or for a price quotation for a measurement device configured to suit your specific needs.